My first post is about my birthday, I know pretty selfish right?

I decided on Sunday after months of procrastination it was finally time to start that blog I’ve been talking about doing. And that since my birthday was this week I’d write about that. well about how birthdays have changed really.

I hate the weeks leading up to my birthday, and have done for a few years now. I’ve had a few bad birthdays in the past, which made me care much less about it. And now I have a baby who is turning 1 17 days after my birthday, I’d rather think about her birthday than mine.

As a child I really didn’t want for anything, it was wonderful, not because I got given anything and everything just because I didn’t need everything. Of course like any child would, you get excited about your birthday, one for the party and  two for the presents. Did I get asked as a child what I wanted for my birthday, probably. But for some reason my mind forgets that part. Not anymore, I hate that question. As well as the ‘what are you doing for your birthday one’ but that’s for another day. The party was actually about having fun, whereas now I feel people do it to show off or just to get drunk (what’s the point, you won’t remember it)

The weeks leading up to a birthday consist of being continually asked by everyone (including my new hubby) what I want for my birthday. I don’t want anything. “You have to have something” they say. Why?! There is seriously nothing material you can buy me that I want and you will accept as an acceptable birthday present.

My initial idea for a gift was a new sling/wrap for baby wearing. The comments I got where “but that’s for Bella not you”. How is that for Bella? I will be wearing it with her in it.

Back to the drawing board then.

You know what I really want? Help finishing my house, it’s currently in this mid state of nowhere. Not finished enough to invite anyone round and not enough of a mess to use it as an excuse not to invite people round. Mainly I want the garden doing, just to the point where I can let Bella play out in it (with me nearby of course) without worrying she is going to hurt herself on the unfinished mess that is in the garden! But that’s not a simple thing to buy so it’s not acceptable to ask for. *Sigh*

Now normally if your stuck people can buy you perfume or make up, etc that you are running out of or love but don’t normally buy because it’s too expensive for everyday purchases so you wait for a birthday or Christmas. Guess what, I don’t wear either normally. I have a small basic selection of makeup for special occasions.

So my question is:

What do you Ask for when you need/want nothing?

A good base is Chocolate and flowers. I know pretty boring but That teamed with a film night to yourself makes it a bit better.

bath products. Again pretty standard, but hint at the buyer to arrange for the children to stay out for the night, or at least be otherwise occupied for an hour or two so you can relax for a while.

An enlarged print of your favourite picture. Kind of helping to finish the house.

Tickets- could be a concert, theatre, theme parks or even just cinema tickets! I’d appreciate 2hrs at the cinema.

an experience- there’s hundreds. Driving (karting, off road, speed, style), flying, spa, hot air balloon (which is kind of flying) craft, water sports, food & drink tasting, classes (think cocktails with the girls)

Clothes and shoes are tricky for other people to get right, so how about accessories? Be it blingy, lacy, bright and bold or simple and elegant. Think jewellery, handbags, belts, broaches, hats. Much easier to get right, never know a diamond could even appear 😉

Bakers always can find a new tin or cookie cutter, piping nozzle, shaping tool, or even that fancy lace stencil set.

crafters, do you need knew knives, angle cutters, stamps, inks, embossing tools. Is there a new craft you’ve seen on Pinterest you want to try? What do you need?

Sewers- needles, feet for the machine, a new machine, material, snaps press, eyelet cutter, patterns,  pins, a pin cushion, a sewing box (or some other storage solution)

homewears- new dinner set (you have a couple of broken pieces and have been just living with it, well don’t) matching glasses (donate or up cycle your old ones and ask for a new set or 2) a fancy cutlery set, just because you can (mine stays in its display case till a special occasion)

charity gifts- most charities offer gifts, but some have ones where the buyers gift is mainly a donation in your name. You get a small token as a sweet reminder, think of a charity that is close to your heart and see what they offer. Some even have lottery draws (a years worth of entries perhaps?)

Hopefully that has given you an idea of what to ask for, if not, just tell them they should’ve been paying attention when you have conversations. There’s a surprising amount of ideas in an everyday conversation anyone can pick up on if they’re thinking about it.