I absolutely love baking, even more so, eating the wares. I love trying new foods, sweet and savoury and always try making something new, but since having Bella it has become increasingly difficult to mix the batted by hand. Her little hands reach and grab for everything! Which I know is all to learn new things but when you have been craving homemade brownies for days little hands stuck in your batter just doesn’t help.

To try and fix, or at least help this issue, Aaron (my husband- still getting used to that word) got me an electric food mixer! 😊

He is the sort of man who loves new toys himself, definitely still a boy at heart. Bigger, faster, shinier is always better in his eyes. And I guess I agree sometimes, although I am quite happy to have the standard version. With that in mind, guess what mixer he got me?

A kenwood (one of the biggest names in cook wear). On top of that, I’m pretty sure the bowl is one step down from a commercial size mixer! Not quite sure it’s necessary but I’m not going to complain 😉

So I decided to have a go with it this week, I put the butter in and well… It didn’t seem to touch the sides. The beater wasn’t beating the butter, there wasn’t enough in it. So I doubled the mix, this helped, but still didn’t do as good of a job as I hoped. None the less, I carried on. After scraping the mix off the sides numerous times I managed to make the cupcakes.

i was talking to my mum a few days later about making these cupcakes, guess what? I should have read the instructions 😳 Turns out there’s a screw in the attachments which makes them longer and shorter. Meaning the beater would be closer to the bowl, and would mix the batter better 😆