So I gave in… Well kind of 🙂

We went to the zoo on her birthday with family, it’s safe to say she didn’t stay in the buggy long haha 😂 It was such a lovely day, she walked and chatted and pointed at everything, every sense was awakened in her, things that we ignore because it becomes normal as we get older. 

And on the Sunday we went to a soft play/sensory centre with her friends, well the ones who were available last minute anyway. I am wondering now whether I should have bothered. We had a really nice afternoon and the play centre was great, I would have spent hours there with her but with ‘guests’ I had to kind of stick to a ‘standard party timings’. Which was fine. We played had lunch and I brought cupcakes, simple but cute ones to share and sing happy birthday with. But I could have gone there alone and still had this much of a good day. 

Bad decision? No. I just wish I had made the decision sooner so hopefully more friends would have been able to come.