So there’s actually quite a few Disney films where apologies are made: Brave, Mulan, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, The Fox and the Hound, Pinocchio, The Incredibles, The Emporors New Groove, Kronk’s new Groove… You get the point. 

The Film I picked is ‘Ratatouille’, it’s such a sincere apology but he is walked out on my his team of chefs as a top critic is due to come to the restaurant! It’s not often that an apology isn’t accepted in a film, let alone in a Disney film! Of course it comes together in the end, but I got genuinely upset at that point, then pondered what my reaction would have been in that situation. But no conclusion, I’m very open minded about most things including ghosts, gods, magic and many other things, but until you see it you can’t guess your reaction.