Recently (about 6months) I think I’ve fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole of just doing what I have to and not really enjoying my day or making the most of it. 

If it’s been nice I have gone for a walk but my head just hasn’t been itself. Normally my head is teaming with ideas, plans, crafts and games. But my head has felt quite empty recently except the ridiculous though ‘well we have to save at the minute so there’s no point thinking about it or planning to fix that’. 

Yeah we’re a little bit on the tight side at the minute and yes there are a lot of repairs or projects to do round the house, but why can’t I plan them and start them a bit at a time. I just need to prioritise.

Today I did. I’m sick of moaning about my garden not being finished, so while I was outside enjoying the sun with Bella, I started by simply mowing the lawn. Put Bella on my back in my woven wrap and got going.

 Once that was done we sat and rested/played for a little while as my head began to bubble with ideas. It was like a pan on the hob, it took a while for the ideas to flow, but once that pan was boiling there was no stopping it.

  • Up cycle the table and chairs
  • Change the light for a softer one
  • Take the debris for an even surface 
  • Move those planters to the front
  • Clear out the scrap and sell it
  • Use said money from scrap to buy plants for the planters!
  • Utilise the ivy creeping through the fence that’s on the verge of collapse to disguise the fence by using trellis.

The list went on.

We started on the garden again last year (it’s been a long on-going project) and turfed the main part of the garden. The other part is down the side of the house where the back door is, and it’s quite a large bit of the garden as the plot is angled towards the corner plot. We planned on pavin it, but the mess that was there when we bought the house just looked like it was never ending.
Today I somehow managed to see through it. It was a mess and there was still a lot of debris from the poured concrete that used to be there, but it was just that. Well along with a lot of buried bricks and other miscellaneous items. 

I needed to see how uneven this land was first! After clearing our miscellaneous garden items we brought with us when we moved, I got out a long piece sod skirting board I had left from another project and the spirit level and found out where it should be level with.

I moved the main part of the debris and marked out the edge of this area I wanted paving: again with my trusty piece of skirting board (it wasn’t quite long enough but I got the idea).

That’s when the heavy lifting started. I was so pleased Bella decided she was happy keeping herself occupied on the grass and watching me, normally she likes to ‘help’ 😂 The rake came out and I started shifting the ground! Trying to level it as best I can ready for the next part of the process!

It felt so good having my head working again, feeling motivated and like I can achieve something. And you know what, it may still be a long way off being finished, but damn it looks better! Just putting the table on the grass ready for use made a massive improvement!
Ready to do more tomorrow now 😀