On Friday I had got some puff pastry out for tea to defrost in the end it didn’t get used and stayed in the fridge. It will only last so long in the fridge, knowing I needed to use it I spent all day yesterday and today trying to think of something to make with it, but beside sticking some chopped up vegetables on it and baking a kind of vegetable tart, I was stumped and didn’t fancy that.

Pinterest to the rescue! 😄

I came across this from https://lazyassmeals.com/puff-pastry-cheese-twists

Now what to make with them… Fridge/Freezer digging wasn’t helping. I opted for thinking while I made these delicious looking melty cheesy puffiness!

I did alter the recipe slightly as I didn’t have any oregano, I decided that Rosemary would work too.

As they entered the oven I had an idea. Soup, I don’t have to cook anything else that way really (tinned this time). And I’m pretty sure warm cheesy bread always goes with a simple soup, so why wouldn’t a cheesy puff pastry?

They turned out a bit bigger than I thought they would 😂 they were almost the size of a small French bread stick! It possibly worked in my favour though as I think any thinner and they may have been a little bit too crispy to go with soup. And the Rosemary, definitely works!