Yeah so this week I definitely bought the important things πŸ˜† oops! 

I do still have some veg left though, and I couldn’t go another week without coffee whitener rather than milk! Oh yeah and obviously I needed coffee! Cheese, I’m still kicking myself for buying a small block of cheese in week 2! It was gone in just over a week and we love cheese 😞 so despite buying another small block it would have cost me less overall to get a big block in week 2 than the two small ones I’ve now ended up getting! Never again will I fall into that trap! Challenge budget or not! I will buy the bulk item if I know I will use it and it will save money in the long run!

Spend so far: Β£9.15!

Again, will need more bread and milk in a couple of days! Still blaming the cheese from week 2! It’s amazing how one small mistake adds up to such an issue overall 😞 

Monday- cheesy beans on chips. Yeah lazy tea, but I really enjoyed it 😊 and I don’t really care

Tuesday, needed bread and milk 😞 

Another Β£1.74

Dinner was delicious and healthy though 😊 mushroom stroganoff! I usually use a packet sachet for the sauce flavour, but didn’t have it in so made one from scratch. That’s definitely one thing I won’t need to buy again πŸ˜† 

Wednesday, our fridge and cupboards are looking pretty well… Empty πŸ˜• getting worried I decided to make a meal plan, that way I know I have enough for the week. Giving me more confidence and making sure everything gets used wisely and spread evenly.

It worked 😊 and I may even have it a bit easier as my mother in law has suggested taking us out for lunch on Sunday.

Honey roast red peppers, squash and chickpeas in a tortilla wrap served with garlic bread

Thursday- Fritatta and Chips! Yum, I’ve made this a few times but don’t normally get the timing right of the cooking and it’s a bit ‘sloppy’ for me. Got it right this time 😊 just what I needed after a miserable rainy day

Friday. Tonight’s plan was sweet potato & broccoli parties in a hot dog bun served with chips. They were kind of like sweet potato burgers. Really yummy! πŸ˜‹

Spent 50p on bread too 😳

Saturday. Mushroom Wellington! As difficult as it was making this one handed it was worth it! Oh I do love a good pastry! And no soggy bottom from me 😊 Mary Berry would be proud πŸ˜‹

Oh yeah and lunch was super healthy and tasty too 😊 really not doing bad considering how empty my cupboards are now πŸ˜‚

Sunday! The final day πŸ˜„ as much as I have enjoyed this challenge I am glad it’s over, I feel I can sigh a little relief. I don’t think I spend much more on a regular month but without the restrictions I’m definitely a lot more at ease. Although my fridge, freezer and cupboards are now completely bare.

Anyway, dinner tonight was slightly random but still yummy. I had the last piece of Cod, Aaron and Bella had sausage and we all had some steamed veg and leftover sweet potato patties from Thursday.

Total spend: Β£11.39!

Very tough month and gave me a vague insight into how people on the breadline live. Although, I definitely didn’t feel deprived, we still ate healthy meals and felt full 😊