Is it worth it? Who is it really for? Is it necessary?


My baby girl tuns 1 in less than 2 weeks! I haven’t organised anything for her birthday yet. Does this make me a bad mum? Or a good mum?If our garden had been finished I probably wouldn’t have hesitated to plan a party months ago. But I have a big family and without outside space, I don’t think I’d fit them and my new friends and their babies in the house. So me and her dad decided to just take her to the zoo or something instead because she wouldn’t remember it or know what’s going on anyway.

However, one of her friends just turned 1 and had a party, it kind of made me jealous I think. But also made me think about the future as people took pictures of the birthday girl. Wouldn’t it be nice to show Isabella the pictures of her first birthday party when she is older? And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look at her playing with her friends and get pictures of that? When else do you get to take pictures of that? It’s a bit weird if you take them at a play centre etc.

Buy then again, I can still get pictures of her at the zoo and show those to her in the future. Is it the same?

How about, just having her friends round? Could that work? Will family just get upset and jealous? Why is it so damn hard to decide whether to have a party or not?

I see all the pictures on Pinterest of cakes and party decorations and I want them all! I want her to grow up believing  in magic and fairytales, I love all things Disney and I’d love to share that with her. I want an elaborate party with decorations galore for her, I just wonder if at this age how much of it is for me in reality ☺️