After my revelation last week when I had all my great ideas about my garden, I tried actually doing some of it today… On my own with Bella. Not a good idea 😩

My table and chairs, I decided to chip off all the old pain that was already cracking and repaint it today.

Took the glass off scrubbed it all down, pealed off the paint, no problem. The paint comes out… Bella comes over to see what that black stuff is 😂 First off she wants some milk, but after her milk she can’t go back to what she is doing coz I’m doing something different. 

First she grabs the paint lid. I clean her up (luckily she is naked in the garden)

Then I blink and she has the brush and is dipping it in the pot 😂 oh dear! I just about get hold of it before it goes on everything! But obviously a bit went on her. 

I try again, this time she grabs the table to try and look what I’m doing on top of the table 😮

Out comes the white spirit with hesitation. But nothing else seemed to be getting it off this time 😞 it came off nicely and then she had a bath/shower with daddy when he got home.

With some jobs, you could leave it and go back, I don’t think this metal paint would have appreciated it so I had to power through each time she made a mess to finish the first coat at least.

I’ll update you with a picture when I’ve managed to finish it… Eventually 😕