Wow our cupboards are looking bare! There just doesn’t seem to be anything much in any cupboard or in the fridge. Freezer looks ok, but only coz we have a massive bag of chips and some fish for me and Bella (Aaron has gone off fish at the minute).

I can still make this work!

Monday, I knew I had butternut squash and sweet potato left, so I began scouring Pinterest for inspiration. But Bella kept wanting to show me stuff and play animal noises with her 😊 so I made an easy homemade pasta sauce, I can’t say no to playing with my little munchkin. Still full of veg and no added nasties!

Tuesday, time to shop! And wow we needed a lot! Which unfortunately sent me over budget 😞 and I’m still going to need bread and milk in a couple of days!


BUT! I’m pretty sure I’ll make it up next week. Last week I bought into the false economy of buying the smaller product just to stay in budget. We go through cheese like there’s no tomorrow. And stupidly last week I bought a smaller block so I didn’t go over budget, but we’ve already got half way through it in a conscious effort not to use it! 

I could have bought a smaller pack of eggs, ham, crisps and mushrooms, but I’d just have to buy again next week. (I could have left the 44p of Bourbon biscuits too but Aaron had a craving) and these will still be fresh enough next week to use. For us the smaller packs are a false economy, if you won’t use a bigger pack then it’s not for you.

So although I have gone over this week, I know the toothpaste will last us till next month, the eggs will, the crisps will last for a month, the washing powder (not pictured) will last just less than a month, and everything else will be used before it goes off and we shouldn’t need any more veg next week 😊

Today I also managed to find some inspiration for using the sweet potato. I say inspiration, I adapted a recipe I found online (Sweet potato broccoli bake ) 😇 it called for chicken breast we used mushrooms, it called for walnuts I used hazelnuts. Aaron wasn’t massively keen but I really enjoyed it. And it definitely tasted better than it looked! 😂 or at least than I can photograph!

Wednesday, we had a late lunch so a nice easy fairly light tea tonight: ham & mushroom scrambled omelet. Ends up looking like an omelet more or less but I start it like I’m making scrambled egg then flatten it out again. I find the egg cooks through better and I can’t stand any gooey undercooked bits 😆

Thursday, isabella wasn’t letting me do anything today! Cooking wasn’t going to be an option 😞 so poorly after her injections! So it was take away. Although I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it 🍲🍛😋 

Friday, cheap easy healthy cheesy pasta with squash 😋 found the recipe here: Squash pasta bake

Saturday, SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE 😄 well with veggie mince 😊 

Sunday, late lunch, in-laws round till tea time, lack of food in the cupboards and inspiration resulted in beans on toast for tea 😕 finished off with a delicious Chocolate mug cake when Bella went to bed 😇

Despite the rough start etc. I still think we are doing well and I certainly don’t feel deprived of food 😊 one more week left of the challenge!