Still sick of everything being a mess and needing to get things tidy and sorted I decided to wrap Bella to my back and get to it. She was due. Nap so I would either start the job before she got too grumpy and upset she would have a nap or she would fall asleep while I was busy.

YES!!! She fell asleep on my back near enough as soon as I turned the pressure washer on! Time to get cleaning the drive and clearing the weeds! 

Oh my gosh! What a difference I was already seeing as I began 😮 

I can’t believe I didn’t take a before picture, I was so wrapped up in the excitement of a clean drive and that I Was able to do it coz Bella was asleep 😞

But I did it 😆 not quite all at once, but it’s done!

The result:

A mucky me! (Can you tell where my shoes where?) And after I finished, a mucky Bella too! She insisted on helping once we had some lunch 😂 oh yeah and a clean drive 😊