Sitting down this evening to look at today’s prompt, sleep deprivation was getting to me. After 3.5 hours sleep last night, I started to feel my cogs slow down in my head. Uh oh this could be trouble.

I even read it initially as oblivious! 😣 When I realised it was ‘obvious’ I panicked even more! The only thing that’s normally obvious in a Disney film is the storyline (well once you see the introduction you can get an idea how it’s going to go)

Then the munchies hit! Biscuits are one of the few things I have in at the minute, that should do.

Aha! Of course! There’s always things hiding in plain sight in every Disney film! That biscuit did the trick 😄 Yes! Food is finally the answer 😂

There’s loads of blogs that run through numerous different ‘Easter eggs’ as they’re usually called. But this one amused me tonight: