So July got pretty tight for multiple reasons, it’s such a busy month. So this month we have decided to go full on frugal living, well as best we can without starving and living like a complete hermit anyway 😂

We can’t reduce our bills any more than they already are at the minute as we always compare each time a bill is due for renewal. So the only things we can currently cut down is food shopping and daily expenses.

First things first, before we do our main monthly shop let’s check the cupboards. What do we have left? Make sure we don’t end up doubling up.

We did the main shop and made sure we only bought basics. The rest of the plan for the month is to buy fresh every couple of days from the reduced sections of the supermarkets and make something up.

I have been slowly changing how I cook recently anyway, to being creative and using what I have in and reducing waste as much as possible. This challenge is hopefully going to reduce waste even more and save us a pretty penny.

Now this could easily go very wrong and very much the other way. Spending spree every couple of days. So we set a budget. 

On our usual monthly shop we spend between £60-100 depending on whether we need big things like washing powder and fabric conditioner that last longer but cost more than an average item. Then weekly I’d spend about £10-20 on milk bread, fruit and other top up items as well as things I fancied or if I wanted to bake.

With my super scrimping head on I set a semi-flexible budget of £20 for the monthly spend and a maximum of £10 a week on anything else we need. 

It’s safe to say the monthly budget failed as I didn’t realise how many of the ‘big’ things I needed. Total ended up being just over £40! But I still see it as a success since it halves our average spend and if I can keep to the weekly budget (preferably under) then we will save at least £40 a month. Doesn’t sound a lot but hopefully it will improve the more I practice at it 😊

Although as this little munchkin grows she will eat more making it harder to track our savings.