This week I learnt that when every other supermarket fails, go to Aldi. I visited the supermarket and scoured the reduced sections to find bargains, nothing much 😦 maybe I’m not going late enough. So knowing I needed some vegetables because we had none in, I went to Aldi since their veg is usually cheaper than other supermarkets. 

This is what I came out with all for £6.52:

Ok, so the seeds aren’t exactly food, but they were reduced and I’m trying to sort my garden 😊 

This is all I could find in Tesco! 😞 Strawberries are great as Bella loves them, and the lasagne was reduced to 90p but it won’t last long in comparison to the veg from Aldi. And there really wasn’t much to pick from except fresh desserts and lunch meats 😦

While I was out shopping for a couple of replacement items me and Bella got a little peckish, so while we were in poundland I picked up a pack of Brioche for us to snack on. It was also reduced to 50p 😆

Having done the shopping on Tuesday and I had already prepped a Mediterranean cod stew the day before for tonight’s tea that me and Bella had and Aaron had the vegetable lasagna as he has gone off fish at the minute.

Wednesday we visited my Grandma in hopes we could finally meet my my new nephew who was born on Monday! But the midwife was due to come round any time between 9 and 5 to check on her. Guess what, the midwife didn’t come till gone 5! And didn’t leave till 5.55pm! We did get to finally meet him, but it was quite late. So we stayed for tea, safe to say Grandma still makes the best food!

Thursday, we had a jar of Thai green curry in the cupboard from last month so we didn’t pay for it in this months budget. This was served with rice and stir fried broccoli, red pepper and green beans in the sauce. Delicious and fresh.

Friday, ok so feel like I’ve cheated slightly today. My little Sister (5 yrs old) was staying at mine tonight, and she is notoriously fussy, with everything. I asked her what she wanted and she said pasta, I didn’t have any pasta sauce or passata in the house to make it and I’m not far off my budget so my mum gave me some passata to make pasta with. My excuse being that if she wasn’t staying then we would make something up with what we had in till I went shopping again.

Saturday, fajitas! I love this dish! Spicy vegetables, rice, sour cream (left over from last month) cheese And cucumber all wrapped in a soft tortilla 😘

Sunday, Jacket potato with cheese and beans! 😊 simple but delicious! And Bella ate it too, she doesn’t normally eat much, so definitely a winner in this house! (Ps. I cheat and cook it in the microwave then crisp it up in the oven, just as tasty)

Total weekly spend: £7.02!