Monday: I wasn’t feeling up to cooking, so we stuck a couple of veggie burgers in the oven and served it with some Mediterranean vegetables.

Tuesday: Forgot to get a photo of my shop this week because Bella had just had her jabs and wasn’t in the best of moods 😢 

Tuesday spend: 6.08

Tea time, Bella had become really quite poorly from her jabs as the afternoon went on so tea really wasn’t a priority 😢 Aaron was working late so I just made myself another veggie burger a couple of chips and some frozen veg for tea, Bella slept through it all. 

Wednesday, my hubby popped to the shop for some milk. He also came back with a pizza for his lunch and I asked him to get some fresh bread to go with homemade carrot soup me and my friends were having for lunch as my attempt at making some failed 😞 

Spend: 4.60

Oops! This weeks budget already gone 😢 so nothing else can be spent all week now. 

Tea, well after having a pizza for lunch Aaron wasn’t very hungry and just wanted cheese on toast. Bella is still not feeling great, so I knew she wouldn’t eat much, best bet was scrambled egg. So instead of making 3 meals, Aaron had cheese on toast, Bella had scrambled egg and I had a combination of the two 😊scrambled egg and cheese on toast. 

Wow, our diet seems really unhealthy right now 😕 hopefully back to normal tomorrow and can cook something a bit better.

Thursday: spent the day at my Grandma’s today so I started tea late but still did better as we had sweet and sour packed with vegetables served with noodles 😊 bonus, I also baked some peanut butter oat cookies tonight to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Friday: I had planned to make a healthy vegetable pie (as healthy as a pie can be) infused with some left over thyme from making bath bombs for my friends birthday. Aaron came home from work and luckily I hadn’t started making it since he didn’t fancy it. This doesn’t happen very often. So instead we had vegetarian sausage mash, frozen veg and gravy. And despite having already eaten, Bella well and truly enjoyed it (minus the gravy)

Saturday: healthy eating really hasn’t happened this week 😞 I felt so exhausted and emotionally drained I couldn’t face cooking today, so we had chippy… I must admit I really really really enjoyed it though 😊 definitely hit the spot!

Sunday: home made cheese twist and tomato soup 😊 delicious!

Total spend: £10.68