For a few days now I have felt the urge to bake. Well I don’t know whether it was wanting to bake or just eat the wares 😂

Today the inlaws decided to come and visit so I used that as an excuse to bake something finally 😊 my father-in-law is coeliac so I had to find something gluten free.

After Searching Pinterest I decided on these Peanut butter brownies. I have a recipe for brownies myself but wouldn’t know yet what to replace to be able to add the peanut butter and my recipe has a small bit of flour in. So this time I followed a recipe (which i don’t do very often 😂) they were yummy scrummy and  satisfied my sweet tooth 😊 (temporarily anyway 😆) 

Not sure whether the texture of them is because they are gluten free or just this recipe? I know all brownies vary slightly and we all have our favourites so next time I’m going to experiment and see if I can get them more like the texture I prefer, plus I think I’d like a bit more peanut butter in them. 

I must admit however, I didn’t add the peanut butter chocolate topping so maybe this is what it was missing 😳