Of course! But no-one expects you to go all or nothing. Zero Waste week is a campaign to show people that we can reduce our waste easily. Obviously there are people who do aim for zero waste, but understand that not everyone can do that, and certainly not immediately. I know I can’t, not yet. Maybe one day, but i’ll take one step at a time 🙂

I don’t know about you, but a few Manchester councils have been switching the bins round meaning you have a small general waste bin and a larger recycling bin. My mum felt the brunt of this when they switched. Although my sister and I have both moved out, there are still 2 children living in the house (15 & 6) not to mention the big kid :’D All 3 of which create more waste than my mum can reduce!


My council (image above is my old schedule, cant find an image of the new one) has reduced the frequency that the bins are collected (including recycling). Although I don’t find it too much of an issue at the minute, I imagine it will become more difficult as Bella and potentially any more children grow up. Already its difficult at Christmas fitting all the cardboard packaging in the bin 😦 unfortunately I can’t stop other people buying things with a tonne of packaging. Could I give them back the packaging? :’D

Start at the Zero Waste week website to see what its all about, sign up to get hints and tips and see loads of idea you probably never thought of.

This week I’m going to start by buying loose produce (no packaging) and using re-usable containers as much as possible.

The main thing I already do is use cloth nappies rather than disposable. It may only be one thing, but it really makes a difference. Plus they look so much cuter! (not as disgusting or complicated as you think either see here for more info)


Other things I do to reduce my waste:

  • Bring bags with me when I go shopping (most are still plastic as I haven’t used them all up yet since starting to  take my own bags)
  • Buy in bulk (only if I’ll use it before it goes off)
  • Ignore use by dates and use my senses to tell if it is still edible
  • Get creative in the kitchen. If I know something doesn’t have much life left I will find a way to use it
  • I recycle everything my council accepts.
  • Buy extra of freezable things when they are significantly reduced (saves waste at the supermarket and me money in the long run)
  • I sell or donate any unwanted items (well a lot of anyway)
  • Signed up to paperless billing on all my utilities.

I bet you do some of this stuff already and didn’t even realise it was helping you get involved in Zero Waste Week.

Its easy to ignore all the waste that goes to landfill, but if we all did just a little bit, it makes a massive difference.