Oh my gosh! Never did I think I’d want to go to the library! I’m not one to read unless it’s a recipe (even then it’s usually a glance and then I tend to wing it 😊😂) 

I started by taking Bella to the library since she loves her books and reading. First few outings we went straight to the baby books and straight back out.

After Aaron’s birthday we decided to have a look for a book for him since he had devoured the books he got for his birthday in about a week! 😮 getting a bit more adventurous now haha!

But this week I decided to look for a baby sign language book as I wanted to give it a go. This leads to browsing as I don’t know where to look for it. I see the lifestyle section. Perhaps there? Nope. But to my amazement I find craft books sewing books gardening books! 😮  all of which I am doing/into or getting into! 

Oh my! Where to begin looking!? 

I started by picking up a couple of craft books to look for some handmade Christmas gift ideas. Since Christmas is now quickly approaching, I don’t yet have a sewing machine and I’m not quite ready to be planting anything in the garden yet 😆

Oh the excitement! 

Oh yeah, Bella enjoyed herself too 😊