Me and Bella got back from a trip to Aldi today (specifically for some Bambino mio cloth nappies and training pants in their special buys release) and sat down to play. 

Bella began playing alone, I left her too it and decided to go and side the dishes I had cleaned earlier. 

Normally I’d get a couple of plates put away before she realised I had stepped out of the room and came in to me upset. This time I got half way through and realised that she hadn’t come to me yet. Maybe this was just her growing independent? I continue.

Suddenly it struck me 😮 The Butter! She’s eating the butter! I left the shopping bag in the living room with her! 😫😂

She’s a strange child that likes eating butter! When she realised I had seen her she picked up the butter showing me and looked very proud (and cheeky)

Luckily she hadn’t managed to get through the whole block of butter before I realised 😂