While out walking on public land the other week with Bella and my mum’s dog (I was dog sitting) I had an idea! 

I’m currently in the very slow process of doing my garden. It’s pretty bare although much more welcoming than when we moved in 3 years ago.

Budget is the main thing slowing us down finishing the main landscaping, as I’m sure most people will understand. I’m always on the look out for freebies or super cheap second hand things I can get to do my garden. My issue is usually convincing Mr M that it will look good, although this is getting easier now.

Plants and flowers looked like they were going to be another big cost to make the garden look welcoming. Until I had this thought about taking cuttings from plants on public land, rooting them and planting in my garden. Of course there are rules, laws and regulations about what you can pick and cut from. So I sat down while Bella had a nap and began digging up information as to whether or not this was possible. 

I’ve never been massively green fingered, so although I love the beauty of a garden filled with plants, I never payed that much attention when growing up about how to tend a garden or what plants are called or what ‘family’ plants are from. Leaving me pretty clueless. All I remember about plants in the wild is my mum and grandma telling me I can’t pick daffodils. 

I found this website really useful in the information and it gave me confidence that I could do this, hopefully saving myself a fortune in plants and flowers!

I know I won’t get everything from the wild so another idea, how about asking family and neighbors for cuttings? I’m pretty sure family won’t have an issue with this and I’m sure any keen gardener will find it a compliment that you would like a cutting from their beautiful plants. If in doubt, start with a compliment:

I can’t help but notice you have a beautiful garden. Any chance I could have a small cutting from a couple of your plants? I’d love to try and make my garden look as pretty as yours.

You could also close by asking for any tips  on growing it 😊

Let the project begin!

March and I realised that spring was on the way and weeds where creeping up in the garden. Time to get to work!

While I was pulling up dandelions from the lawn I spotted an old rusty metal fire pit in the far corner of the garden waiting to go to to the scrap man when I had an idea! That would make a great planter for the new patio area that Mr M laid! 

This is the bottom of it with a few potted plants I had from previous years with the intention of planting. 

Of course it still needs more adding to it and the patio is having creeping thyme planted in the gaps to make it even more decorative! Although I’m not sure how I’m going to get those free yet 😬

Spring is here now and since I was walking to the garage for my cars MOT I decided to take a pair of secateurs with me and look for any plants (which came under the guidelines and laws mentioned above) that I could take a cutting from. This is what a 20 minute walk towards the City centre on a busy A road can yeald:

Now the tough part, getting them to root! I’m excited though! 

Updates will follow!