After Zero waste week this year I have been thinking of ways to reduce my waste, just a bit for now. I don’t ever expect to get to zero waste, but i can at least try to do my bit. 

One of the most common ways after taking your own bags to put your shopping in was to buy your shopping without packaging. How do I do that?! My supermarkets don’t sell everything loose. In fact there’s very little that’s loose! On the hunt for new places to shop, without breaking the bank! I heard about food co-ops (and I don’t mean the big chain stores 😂), so decided to have a look if there was any in my area. There were a couple but the biggest that were open the longest hours is Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton. 

So I started there. 

What a difference it was to a normal supermarket! All the vegetables were locally sourced, without packaging, fresh and seasonal too! I didn’t need loads of veggies so picked up a couple of apples and a prickly pear to try 🙃 then began searching the rest of the shelves. 

I had 2 children with me (my 1yr old daughter and my 6yr old sister) so couldn’t spend ages anylising every item, but all the dried goods were available in small medium and large amounts, unlike in a supermarket where there isn’t a choice in how much you want unless you buy multiple packs. The packaging it was in was compostable too! There was a deli that had fresh bread, olives and sundries, salad etc all which you can put in your own containers! The most packaging I saw was things like cereal where it is prepacked, but it’s organic and cheaper than the big brands still.

I walked out with organic cocoa, bulk bag of bicarbonate of soda, apples, a prickly pear, some dried apples, a bulk bag of almonds, bulk bag of sea salt and a bulk bag of chickpeas. All of which I was sick of going back to the shop to buy more of! Hopefully these will last me a bit longer 😆

I may not have bought loads on my first trip, but I got what I needed and in the quantities I wanted without an extortionate price tag or excess packaging! Mission accomplished 😊 

Oh yeah and the apples where AMAZING 😁 so juicy and fresh! I will definitely be going back, or trying the other co-ops in Manchester.

Ps. I will write more about what a food co-op is soon and link to it for you.