A few months ago I started giving Bella the option whether she wanted to go in the buggy or the sling. 

I usually only ever used to buggy when I was walking over to Aldi or the veg shop, but we fell into a bit of a rut and although she likes being carried, we seemed to use the buggy or the car because we stopped going places very often except Aldi or family’s houses.

Today we needed to take a trip into Manchester on the bus to exchange one of daddy’s new suits as it wasn’t suitable for his new job. After getting everything together I asked her whether she wanted to go in the sling or the buggy… she chose the buggy.

I stuffed a sling under the buggy just in case though, if I didn’t she would want to get out all the time and get frustrated. 

At first I thought, ‘oh no 🙈 why did I ask! 😫 a buggy in the city centre and on a bus! This is going to be a nightmare!’

Actually it wasn’t that bad, still think it would have been easier to carry her.

It’s just comfier and feels easier, but the trip was stress free and didn’t get stuck in a crowd too many times.

You know what I did notice though?! My posture is terrible when I push a buggy! It’s no wonder mum’s end up with bad backs and looking frumpy! By standing up straight not only do you look more confident but slimmer and more toned. Not to mention having a stronger back!

Any trips further than Aldi (which is 0.5km away) and I want to carry her!