Yes I’ve started prepping for Christmas already 🙈my Christmas presents are being made and I wanted some new decorations this year, especially for out the front. I put up icicle lights but it still just seemed bare. And I’m not into the whole bright santa shaped lights thing, so that wasn’t an option.

This year though I saw these Christmas trees made from pallets! This kind of idea:

I thought it looked like just the solution for my driveway! Only trouble was I barely ever have the car to go and get any pallets and when I do I have Bella with me too so picking them up wouldn’t be easy.

My solution:

I got these for my garden to make a raised bed. Then decided it’s probably not a good idea having a raised bed next to my house wall, may cause damp issues. So have been looking for a way to use them differently. 

So I pulled it apart (wasn’t difficult since it was only nailed together with the smallest nails they could). And cut them to rough sizes. No tape as I wanted a rustic homemade look 

Lined them up with the back piece 

Drilled pilot holes and screwed it together. And I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. 

Even better, it didn’t cost me a penny. Well maybe a penny in electric from the drill. 

I intend on adding lights to it once I pull them out of storage 😊