Yes Christmas is upon us! And don’t I know it!
Have I taken on too much again? Probably!
Do I still love the season?
Definitely! 🎄

Nearly a week ago was 12th Ashton Guides Christmas Fayre! Between me and 2 other leaders we organise this fundraiser to allow the girls to have an equal opportunity to do more activities with us, learning new skills and making new friends. As you can imagine it gets pretty hectic organising it!

But the result was great! The girls showed up to help on the stalls and raise their own money, families and friends all came to support them and even some people who were just passing by.



(As you can see I’m having issues at the minute getting these pictures the right way up! This will be updated ASAP)

I’ve also decided to make all my Christmas presents this year! (Hubby isn’t crafty so isn’t much help with this one) On a minuscule budget, because of emergency tax codes and extra repairs on the house etc.
When finished I will link them here.

I’m also making handbag charms and wine glass charms for my Grandma and her sister. This is one similar I did for a 40th wedding anniversary:


Making Christmas cake for Christmas dinner (fruit cake and sponge so everyone is catered for)

Oh yeah, and started volunteering for the Tameside NCT sling library 🙈

Not a clue when my Christmas decorations are going up!

Would I change anything? No.

I love my chaotic life and all the challenges that come with it. What would life be without a bump in the road? Or a mountain to climb? Pretty boring.