This year I have started trying to reduce my waste after hearing about zero-waste week. I partly wanted to do this to help the environment but thinking about it logically I believe I can save money in the long run.

I already used cloth nappies and wipes. I now buy some of my vegetables loose rather than packaged, I’m storing things in Tupperware/plastic tubs and glass jars rather than cling film and food bags and  trying to make sure Mr M takes lunch with him rather than buying prepacked sandwiches from the local shop each day (this saves a lot of money).

My next step is to try packaging free shampoo. Or natural washing methods. There’s loads of ways to do this depending on your hair type, just like with commercial shampoo it takes a bit of trial and error.

It turns out I am already half way there because I only wash my hair once a week. So will hopefully make the transition easier.

What makes it difficult to swap to a natural method? 

The silicon in the shampoo and conditioner. It builds up in your hair and causes waxy, greasy hair. Daily washes also makes it harder, the more you wash the more sebum your hair produces which makes your hair look greasy. So the initial transition includes stretching out the time between washes (which will save money and time) and means you have to live with greasy hair for a few days (rinsing is fine, just don’t wash).

I’m no expert in this matter and these are the basic points to starting the switch. If you want to know more the internet is filled with more info but I found this to be a good start for me.

So here is my hair after my usual wash:

Nothing amazing but nothing terrible either. Let the transition begin.

So I gave it a go with water only. This is the result after a week and a half:



Looking pretty greasy! But this is my transition period, I expect it to be better next time.
But being the indecisive mind I am, the second time I decided to use bicarbonate of soda and a black tea rinse. It came out feeling cleaner this time, don’t know whether it’s the method used or just that my hair got used to being without shampoo quite quickly.


This picture was about 5 days after ‘washing’. Getting a bit greasy again 😞 still transitioning, I get that. So day 7 came and I did another bicarb wash and a lemon rinse this time.

😱 oh dear! I think I need to pick one method and stick with it for a while! WO! (Water only) it’s the cheapest and easiest option. Let’s see what happens now!

😱 transition oil has finally set in! Week 3 of no ‘poo (4th ‘wash’), the day before I was going to rinse it, I have swimming in the morning and a bowling & Nando’s in the evening! I didn’t have time to rinse it before I went out and forgot to get in the shower after swimming as I normally wait till I get home! I don’t own any suitable hats either 😱



improv! Pretty scarf turned into a headband! Phew! On the plus side my curls seem to be coming back a bit better 😊

I’ll check back in a few weeks with an update!