I hate how expensive wrapping paper is and that after you use it, it goes in the bin! No matter how pretty it is! (I’ll be keeping large scraps this year for crafts 😉)
I try and think of alternative ‘paper’ to use that’s cheaper and hopefully more environmentally friendly. Last year I went for brown craft paper tied with a large crinkly ribbon. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture 😞 this year I decided to go for black craft style paper (just a roll of paper). This was the outcome:



I paid about £5 for 25m! (Normal wrapping paper is usually £1-£2 for 3m!)
And I went even more environmentally friendly on 2 of the children’s presents by taking the idea of Japanese Fukushima and making it work for me! Poundland have been stocking Disney print tote bags recently and got a couple for presents. To ‘wrap’ all I did was tuck the handles in, fill with gifts and tie the two top corners to close the top, I think it looks fab!