To be honest, I’ve not really thought much about the phrase until I came across this article on bustle. 

Someone I know through my love of Cloth nappies shared the article, and the title intrigued me. Asking for the term ‘Feminine Hygiene product’ to be ditched. I wondered of their issue behind it. What got them so railed up?

In the brief moment it took my phone to load the page, I had a thought about it myself. ‘Feminine HYGIENE products’. What’s hygienic about disposing of your blood into a public bin for someone else to clean up? What’s dirty about menstuation?

I began reading.

Their thoughts where very different to mine, which kind of came apparent to why later in the article. Their focus was on the word ‘Feminine’ instead. Ok.

I continue reading, and come across a brand name! Of course, THINX have developed a line of menstrual proof underwear, not only aimed at women but men too! (Biological women identifying as men) 

Yeah ok, I get what they’re saying and it is an issue but I guess to me that’s not the problem . To me the big issue should be about the Hygiene. They’re putting a taboo on something completely natural. Surely by lifting the taboo on having a period in the fist place it will release tension on the gender issue? Further down the article they do comment on this:

Anxiety about menstrual blood is closely linked to fear of being seen as weak, dirty, incompetent

At least it was mentioned before going back to name dropping and line promotion for THINX. And at least there were also name drops for reusable menstrual products not disposable ones. Hopefully it will widen the reusable knowledge too 😉 (I must admit though I only discovered reusable menstrual products when I was pregnant and my periods are yet to make an appearance so I’m yet to try any)

Only one persons opinion but I just needed to air it 😊