Before I even gave birth I dived in head first and bought cloth nappies, avoiding the disposables besides a few in the first week which I chose to use for the muconium (later found out itbwashes easily off fleece liners). But I didn’t have any cloth wipes until B was about 6 months old because I kept hearing about Cheeky Wipes, and when I looked at the website they were just so expensive. 

By 6 months I was more confident and discovered more information about skin health, babies delicate bottoms etc. And that actually although Cheeky wipes were a good system, they were just a square af fabric really. Petiole just found the blend of fabric good to get baby poo off. 

One day I was walking round my local shopping centre and in one of the pound stores when I spotted in the baby care section, these microfibre cloths

The first info I found about microfibre was to make sure it wasn’t placed next to babies skin in a nappy because it will dry the skin out. But then I found out later that it was only over prolonged periods and actually it was fine to touch and use as a wipe. And at £1 for 4 cloths it was cheap enough to give it a go.

When I got home I cut them into quarters, no need to sew/hem the edge as they don’t fray

Best thing I ever did! 

Just wish I got more. Think I have 4 packs now and it’s a good amount for 1 toddler, especially when they get a cold 😆