So after admitting to a friends and family about not using commercial shampoo, I got a few questions which I think you may find the answers useful or your friends and family may ask you too.

Is it not more expensive?

No. Most things you have in your house anyway, plus you will be washing your hair less so that will make it even cheaper. Bicarbonate of soda can be expensive bought in the supermarket but it can be bought in bulk bags/packs much cheaper

Doesn’t your hair smell?

Not more than normally washing with commercial shampoo, you just don’t have added fragrance. You can add fragrance to your routine a number of ways if you wish.

Does it work?

Yes. It can take a little experimentation to find what works best, but I am yet to find someone who it doesn’t work for unless it it due to impatience.

Has your hair dried out because you haven’t used conditioner?

No, the sebum my hair produces rehydrates my hair making it soft and shiny. I also use natural products to ‘condition’ my hair.

What about dandruff?

There are methods you can use if you find you have dandruff. Although, a lot of the time it is actually just a dry scalp that needs a bit of extra conditioning and is easy to fix.

Does your hair not get knotty and tangled?

Personally no. Some people’s hair is more prone to tangles than others whether they use commercial shampoo or not. Again, there are things you can use to avoid/ease the tangles without commercial products.

I will add more questions as they come up, feel free to ask in the comments too