Almost 3 months since I began this journey now, but bear in mind I only wash my hair once a week, so finding something that works for my hair to ‘wash’/cleanse it took a bit longer. This makes me feel a bit better about the transition period anyway! 

So after experimenting with water only, honey, Rye flour, black tea, bicarbonate of soda and black coffee, I did the wet hair test to discover I needed protein in my hair. The first thing that is suggested to try is an egg wash! Sounds gross! Another suggestion is rye flour, so I avoided the egg another weak and tried rye flour again in case I did something wrong last time! 

Nope! Wet hair assessment came back the same!

Egg it is! I mixed 1 egg with equal parts tepid water and applied to dry hair, left for 5-10 minutes and rinsed in cool water. (Don’t use hot or you will cook the egg!)

Wow! My hair was soft and clean and looked nice again (please excuse the slightly murderous look in my eyes 😂)

My hair is also getting its curl back! Which is exciting!

And since the egg wash I have so far left my hair a week and a half without cleansing! Eventually I would like to get to water only but my near future goal is cleansing once a month! 

I will admit though, even the egg didn’t add protein to my hair! My follicles in my hair are too closed and need something with smaller protein particles for it to work. So my next wash is going to be with gelatin! Hopefully once the protein is sorted my hair will be even better!

Facebook is filled with support groups with information on where to start along with numerous blogs across the internet. This is my experience with no-poo and what is working/not working for me, and may not work the same for others! 

I would love to hear your experiences and what you have found works for you!