As part of my efforts to reduce my waste and after reading about so many people using white vinegar as a cleaning product I decided to give it a try after we had all been ill. At 18 months old B can’t tell me she is going to be sick nor get to the toilet/a bowl to be sick in, so inevitably we ended up with vomit on most things 🤢while we were ill I cleaned it up to a bare minimum standard, once I recovered I got out my white vinegar that I had been soaking orange peel in  (it is supposed to gain a citrus smell from it) whacked it in a spray bottle diluted 50/50 with water and set to work!

 Although I could smell the citrus a bit, the smell was definitely still vinegar and Mr M came in saying it stunk! I knew the smell would dissipate and remove odours too, but he was sceptical in the first place and the smell put him off even further.

So I went back to the drawing board and stumbled upon Castile soap and soap making. I did a lot of reading and at first I was only grasping the basics of it and was feeling like it would be too complicated, until I found this blog by Oh, The Things We’ll Make which I found simplified it brilliantly for me. A simple base model to start off with that was super cheap too! 

I gathered my ingredients once B was asleep and began making. I felt like I was doing a little science experiment (you know one of those your teacher gave you knowing it wouldn’t really go wrong with some simple instructions and safety precautions) but in reality I treated it a bit more like an art.

I measured everything exactly, but I didn’t measure the temperature when I put them together and didn’t have a stick blender, I used an electric whisk thinking it would surely do the same. I also realised my caustic soda (lye) had clumps in it when I measured which could mean it was retaining some moisture already which puts my ratios out! 

My result. I mixed for 20 mins (double what most bloggers/soap makers say it usually takes) and it was still like a liquid, no sign of trace. So I left it a little while and went back to it and whisked some more, still nothing! 

My conclusion: if it feels like science treat it like science!

However, I think I have saved it by putting it in the slow cooker/crockpot after some advice on forums. I am yet to test it as it is still curing, but when I cleaned the slow cooker I only added water and the soap residue did create a lather/foam so I am hopeful!