B was always wanting to be in my arms while I was cooking/cleaning or anything else in the kitchen for that matter.

When she was 14 months I discovered Learning towers. Coming up to Christmas I couldn’t find the money for one of these so I kept searching for an alternative or a way to do it myself when I spotted one on etsy.com that looked exactly like a kitchen step I had seen in IKEA with a frame added to the top! 

I felt like a bit daft for not thinking of this sooner if I’m honest. So knowing I had some wood to create the frame in my under stairs cupboard we bought this step from IKEA with the intention of building it and making the frame the same day or at least only a few days later. 

But Christmas got in the way and building the frame kept being put off and put off after we had already built the step, luckily B seemed quite steady on it.

At 18 months she fell off! 😱 the guilt was awful! How did I let this happen! So the project got put to the top of the priority list!

From this:

Measure and cut the wood to fit. I did 3 For the bottom as like a kick bar so little feet didn’t slip off, 3 for the top to create a waist height banister and 4 ‘legs’ at the height of the work tip from the top of the step. I’ll admit I didn’t use a tape and marked the cut points leaning against the step. But if you want a neater finish, measure!

First I added the kick board to 3 sides leaving the side with the step open, of course B wanted to help:

Then I added the legs. 

But I missed the picture with all the legs because I had a meltdown moment with B 😢

And finally the top rails

At this point you could paint it bright colours and wax or varnish it to seal it and I will update once I’ve done this too 😊