Ok they are only small but they are crates and still give the look everyone is after! And I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier! 

I took a trip to the garden centre today to see if they had anything I could use to stand some pots on to create a little height on my drive, walking through I saw a sign for bulbs, fill a bag for £4. Being new to gardening it sounded like a good deal coz it was mix and match. They were in crates on shelves and I didn’t think much of it until I came back round towards the till after finding very little (and certainly not cheap) and a lightbulb switched on! 

Crates! They’re in crates! They would look awesome in the garden! And on the drive! I wonder if they get sent back to the suppliers or binned. The thought of them being binned did upset me a little but it also meant that I could have some for FREE if they were being binned! 

So when I got to the till I asked the cashier, who wasn’t sure so asked someone in high vis (I’m assuming she sorted deliveries and knew more about what happened behind the scenes) and I was in luck! They get binned! So I asked for 4. I figured I’d see what I can do with these then can come back for more if I feel I’d like more. 

The result:

The empty looking pot actually has Cala lillies in that my mum gave to me out of her garden, they just haven’t got very tall yet so you can’t see them. I have 2 more to find a home for in the garden now and I may get a few more and stack them higher and grow strawberries out of them too! 

As a side not I may email the suppliers myself and see if they could offer a scheme to pick up the empty crates when they drop off full ones though to see less of them wasted. 

But until this happens get down to your local garden centres and ask for the bulb crates! And anything else you spot too! 

Add in the comments anything you found useful for the garden that was otherwise going to be binned, I love to hear all your ideas and freebies!