So my period finally returned when B was 22.5 months! Woo! I finally had a chance of conceiving! I predicted that my cycle would be about 28 days as that what it used to be. So when I my next period didn’t return I took a test. Negative. Hmm strange, never mind, maybe it’s just going to be a longer cycle. Another week passed and still no sign of Aunt Flo visiting. Another test- negative. Maybe, B has been nursing more again and stopped my period again… maybe that first one was just a fluke or one off and they never intended on returning anyway.

B’s birthday was now fast approaching so my attention went to sorting everything for that out. I made an Elsa cake, I prepped food, gathered cloth napkins (my attempt at at a low waste party) my mum’s plastic plates and cups, picked up the gazebo (in case it rained) and did a big clean up (ready for everyone to make a mess of). 

In the morning of the party we headed downstairs, B opened her presents and played for a while, we then had some breakfast (and a coffee for me too). And off the cuff I decided to do one more test, just to confirm I was right that my periods had disappeared again! (Bear in mind this is day 42 of my cycle now) at first glance I didn’t see anything and I nearly just threw it away very quickly, and at second glance I saw what looked like a little shadow of a line! 

I thought I was going crazy! So I waited a little longer to see if it changed anymore.

A minute later it was definitely a line! A very faint line. Which makes me wonder how long it took me to ovulate! I would have had no clue if I hadn’t done that test! 

So I returned downstairs and asked B if she would like a baby brother or sister as an extra birthday present. She was so excited, and Mr M just looked confused as I showed him the test strip. So despite this being second time round I had to explain how a test works and what it meant (to be fair I had to refer back to the instructions to check which way round the lines had to be to be positive/negative the first time I did a test this time round too).

In the afternoon we decided to tell all our family and friends who came to the party. The women all squealed with excitement and ran to me to give me a kiss and a hug. It was almost as overwhelming as when I revealed my pregnancy with B where I wrote it in a Christmas card to everyone and handed them out at the family secret Santa party that’s held each year (I have a large family at that party). Perhaps I was a bit more prepared for the reaction this time.

I’ve already started looking at the gender prediction tests and old wives tales! 

So far Mayan calendar says Boy and Chinese calendar says Girl so who knows!